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     Admirable, showed up on time like they committed to do so, outstanding pre-appointment communication. Delighted with the end outcome and reserved for regular trimming.
Johnny Lang2024-04-17
     Awesome, arrived on time just like the gardeners guaranteed, excellent pre-booking communication. Overjoyed with how it turned out and confirmed a monthly trimming plan.
Brigette Michaels2024-04-17
     Going above and beyond with politeness as their guiding principle, this professional handles the project with care and precision to achieve a remarkable outcome. Their level of service has greatly impressed me and I strongly recommend them.
Hannah S.2024-04-09
     Our prior encounter with Gardeners was fantastic, leaving us with no hesitation in engaging them again for extra paving work in our back garden. We would wholeheartedly recommend their services.
Emerson Mitchel2024-04-01
     I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and efficiently the gardening team completed the work.
Shelley Chambers2024-01-15
     I am immensely grateful for the outstanding gardening service, thank you! Top-notch communication!
David F.2023-12-20
     Throughout the duration of my time with Landscaping and Gardening, the gardening team has been great with communication. They have been highly efficient and on top of getting things done in a timely fashion.
     Prompt reply, quick fulfilment of my order and the plants were in perfect condition.
Eva Reynolds2023-11-06
     Utilizing Landscapers for the very first time yesterday went off without a hitch: their gardeners came at the specified hour, did an excellent job sprucing up our yard after winter ended, removed all unwanted elements and made everything look spotless.
Aftab K.2023-08-04
     They did an incredible job for us with our garden, which was in a bad way before they started. The transformation is remarkable!
Belinda D.2023-07-20
     The gardeners were exceptionally considerate and devoted during their job, paying attention to detail by taking me through each stage of progress and responding without fail to all my queries along the way. It's safe to say that I'm thoroughly satisfied with how things turned out in the end.
Donna Morgan2023-07-07
     Incredibly overjoyed with the exceptional service provided by Gardening Companies London. The advice of a mate led me in the right direction whereby this specific team truly exhibited impressive levels of professionalism throughout combined with showing true hospitality every step of the way as well as going above and beyond when it came to shielding my inner sanctuary from any potential visits from curious badgers - would highly recommend them without question - great gratitude towards their vigorous labour - looking forward to engaging with them once more shortly.
     I put my trust in the lawn care specialists from Landscaping and Gardening and they did not let me down! The results were remarkable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing help with their outdoor space.
Patrick G.2023-05-17
     We are very satisfied with the results that Gardening Services Gardeners has provided us with in regards to restoring our garden back to its former glory - their commitment to excellence is extraordinary! Besides that, all the staff members are so polite and helpful too; give them a try if you need a hand!
O. Lawson2023-02-21
     My garden has been looking much better ever since Gardening Services Gardeners took care of it - everything was done perfectly and in a very professional manner!
Michelle H.2023-02-07
     The lawn care service this company carried out for me helped to restore my lawn to its former, green, luscious, vibrant glory. It was amazing how different it looked.
S. Salt2021-08-13
     If you need garden maintenance help then check with Landscaping and Gardening first!
Henry J.2019-08-06
     I've been using Landscapers for general garden care for ages and they've never let me down. Their team always impresses, do amazing work, and they're generally just a pleasure to be around, to welcome into my garden.
Olivia S.2019-04-03
     Garden maintenance is an issue for me. GardeningServicesGardeners took care of everything, did so to a high standard and cheaply. It was well worth the money. I'm so glad I now have this company to take care of garden-related tasks for me. It's a load off my mind.
Gemma T.2019-03-29
     The patio cleaning service was speedy and cheap. Gardeners completed the job to a high standard. Will certainly use again.
N. Jacks2019-03-07
      Gardening Services Gardeners are the best gardeners. I love their work and low prices. I have been a faithful customer for years.
Patricia B.2019-02-08
     I was hesitant to hire gardeners due to the cost and the amount of work that needed to be done. The crew from Landscaping and Gardening performed the work promptly and to perfection. Plus, the prices were affordable unlike I originally assumed. Great work in every aspect!
Roy M.2019-01-16
     I need gardening services pretty regularly. I've now found my go-to company in Gardening Companies London.
Alison A.2018-12-20
     It was a garden care service of the highest order. Thanks a bunch to GardeningServicesGardeners and the terrific team who worked on my garden.
S. Lindsey2018-11-08
     GardeningServicesGardeners got the various jobs I gave them done to a very high standard. I'm pleased with everything that took place with this gardening company.
Harry M.2018-10-09
      Gardening Services Gardeners cleaned and cleared my garden to a brilliant standard. It was also a super-speedy garden maintenance service.
Daniel R.2018-09-10
     I haven't been able to stop raving about this gardening company. I've already passed their details onto other people. Gardening Companies London are, in my opinion, the best in the business.
Stephanie M.2018-08-16
     From lawn mowing to general care and maintenance jobs, I've used Gardening Services Gardeners a lot over the years. They've never let me down, always impress.
K. Rutherford2018-08-02
     I've used many gardening services in the past from a number of different companies. Each and every time there've been plus points, but also a lot of negatives. This is the one company - Gardening Services Gardeners I haven't found anything to complain about. I booked them for a few different garden-related tasks, and they were amazing. I really couldn't find fault with any aspect of the service. They were that good. I'll certainly be using them again. They were a top company.
F. Williams2018-07-17
     I hired their gardening services the other week. I'm so glad I did. God knows what the state of my garden would be in now if they hadn't had worked their magic! Thank you Gardening Companies London!
Charlie B.2018-06-26
     I got a cheap but quality lawn care service from Gardening Companies London.
K. Woodall2018-06-14
     I love being able to call upon Landscapers. Their gardening services are cheap and they always end up doing a fabulous job.
Aisha A.2018-05-29
     I've used their gardening services multiple times in the past. Landscaping and Gardening have never let me down.
Ronda J.2018-05-11
     The prices for their gardening services were low and the standard of service was exceptional. It's little wonder why GardeningServicesGardeners are as successful as they are.
Rob N.2018-04-05
     I required a garden care service after my backyard had become rather dilapidated over the winter months. With the prices offered by Landscapers, entrusting them with the task was a no-brainer.
Angela B.2018-03-26
      Gardeners provides the lawn care for our business. They do good work and are not costly.
Michael Weller2018-02-19
     We recently switched to Gardeners becuase I was looking for a reliable, affordable gardening company, that can act professionally, provide the services they promise, at a rate I can actually afford, this is it! We are looking forwards to many more years of working with them, and their friendly staff.
     The wife and I got a new home that we've been fixing up, but we are so busy on the inside we don't have any time for the landscaping. My wife contacted Landscapers because they'd done some work for my mother-in-law and she really liked it. They've been great! We feel like the outside of our home is better looking than the inside right now! It's one less thing I have to worry about - well worth the price! (Which is very low to start with - by far the cheapest part of this endeavour!)
     I don't have time to do general gardening tasks. I've therefore used Gardening Companies London many times over the years. I recently hired them to do some lawn mowing. As always, they impressed, did a great job and were a pleasure to have at my property.
Jake A.2017-12-12
     I hired their garden care service the other day. Gardeners provided me with a cheap service, and the team did an amazing job.
Harrison M.2017-12-04
     The price of the garden care service was amazing. It was low, but the standard of service was very high. It's what first attracted me to Gardening Companies London and it's why I'll be using them again.
Ray Collins2017-11-07
     Due to my work, I don't have time to take care of general garden maintenance. Consequently, my garden regularly becomes very messy. Luckily for me I can get Landscapers on hand to sort everything out. I love looking out across the garden after they've completed a job. They know how to please.
Adrian B.2017-10-27
     I needed professionals to sort out the sorry state of my garden. GardeningServicesGardeners came to the rescue. Their gardeners were amazing and did a terrific job. I'll certainly be hiring them again when the situation calls for it.
      Landscapers are seriously the best at garden care - they have made my life so easy. Now I don't have to worry about watering plants, cutting hedges or anything else, they do it all for me, and do a much better job than I could anyway. Thanks!
Penelope Harrington2017-09-26
     My husband and I travel a lot and don't have time to stay on top of the garden maintenance, but still wanted to be able to enjoy our garden when we are at home. We were lucky enough to find GardeningServicesGardeners who now come on a regular basis to keep on top of our garden, saving us all the hassle, while letting us enjoy it when we're home.
Stephanie M.2017-09-14
      Gardening Companies London came to our house to help us with lawn care. They did a good job and gave us a great deal!
Amanda Q.2017-08-29
     For the best, cheap service in town always call Gardening Companies London for your gardening needs.
Tom O.2017-08-08
     My dad wanted me to write and say how much he enjoys having the gardeners from Landscaping and Gardening come around. He says they take care of things like he used to do and he just wanted people to know.
Kevin G.2017-07-27
     Another day done with Gardening Companies London! I use their gardeners often and really enjoy the quality of work they consistently provide! They are a safe bet for anyone interested in getting professional services!
Susan Rhinehart2017-07-05
     Excellent landscaping by Gardeners. I had recently purchased a new home which had extensive rubbish in the garden areas left from previous owners. I rang them up, and was pleased by the quote. The team arrived, and cleared up the rubbish and left the area nice and tidy. I could not ask for better service. Would call again.
Sandra J. Cleveland2017-06-28
     I have hired Gardening Companies London to clear my garden on several occasions. I must say that their gardening team arrived at the time requested, were professional and very polite and reasonably priced.
A. Duffell2017-06-13
     I cannot begin to express just how delighted I am by the level of service received from Gardeners. I had spent my morning searching for a reputable firm to help me out and was willing to pay good money for garden landscaping. Imagine how pleased I was when I found that all of the online reviews I had spent time reading through turned out to be completely accurate. They are absolutely fantastic and very affordable. Thank you!
S. Begum2017-05-31
     I cannot believe just how professional, friendly and hard working the gardeners from Gardening Companies London were. They did all of our landscaping and garden maintenance. The best value for money out there!
Alex Harris2017-05-09
     The gardeners at Landscaping and Gardening take real pride in their work and their company, a real pleasure to work with. I use their service on a regular basis and I am happy with their work every time.
     I needed a hand with my roses and other flowers and the gardeners came right in and left my garden looking great. Landscaping and Gardening did a great job!
     Excellent work, as well as friendly service at a good price, this is what I received from Gardening Companies London. I needed a gardener to take care of my patio area, as I had let it become a little overgrown. Great service was received! Will recommend!
Maria A.2017-03-22
     We have just bought a new property and needed a landscaping service. With so many companies to choose from it can be tough to find a company that will make sure everything is just as you want it. Landscapers were great. They were cost-effective, showed up and did everything on time and had the place looking fantastic in no time.
     Affordable and dependable garden care! GardeningServicesGardeners did a great job!
H. Charnock2017-02-10
     Used their garden design service in London and got the garden I have always dreamt of! Will hire Gardeners again for sure!
Shaun L.2017-01-18
     I have a small garden but it requires care. I hire the gardeners of Gardening Services Gardeners on a regular basis and they maintain it making it look at its best. It's cheap and more than convenient!
R. Ross2016-12-07
     The team of Gardeners cleared out my garden 5 days ago. They did a great job and the garden clearance service was cost-effective!
Sarah P.2016-11-14
     Gardening isn't my cup of tea, and so luckily GardeningServicesGardeners were in the vicinity and on hand to help me out. I don't know much about gardening but even I could tell the garden maintenance was very professionally carried out. A great job by everyone involved.
Chris A.2016-10-28
     I always want my garden to look its best so I call in GardeningServicesGardeners. They have been handling my lawn mowing for a few months now and I can always count on them to make sure my lawn looks great. They cut and trim, making it perfect. This is a fantastic service.
Ian Blake2016-09-29
     Before I found Gardening Companies London my garden was in a horrible state. This company, however, have worked to turn it into a beautiful place for me and my kids, and I'm really grateful for all their hard work. This company really sets the standard for gardening services!
     My cousin decided to hire a firm for cleaning up our backyard in order to add fences. There were many plants, trees and hedges in our backyard and so clearing them would be a hard task. The friendly crew from GardeningServicesGardeners made it look simple. They removed the unhealthy plants and cleared the weeds in no time. We were really impressed with their professional work and thanked them through email. Now our backyard looks neat and well organized. We would surely recommend their services for all gardening needs.
Kristen K.2016-07-20
      Landscapers does excellent hedge trimming. I got their expert gardeners some time ago to do some work at my lawn since I had been growing these fine hedges and wanted them healthy. They arrived just in time and went working on the hedges and did not let up the work until they looked wonderful. Very happy with their help!
Steven H.2016-06-20
      Landscapers helped with a recent garden clear up I needed done. The guys arrived on site at the exact time and date we agreed and carried out the work to a very high standard. Great pricing too.
Darren Fisher2016-05-25
     I'm hopeless when it comes to garden problems, so I hired a tree surgery specialist from Landscaping and Gardening. They used the best tools, arrived on time and got right to work with little direction from me. This is a really great service and fantastic value for money as well!
James Perry2016-04-27
     Couldn't be happier with Landscapers and the team that worked in our garden. Their gardeners did an excellent job, were punctual, friendly and highly professional, delivering an all-round top-notch service. The service was very good value for money and they even went the extra mile and cleaned up after themselves. I was left with absolutely nothing to do as everything was completed quickly and efficiently. I will definitely be using their services in the future!
Raymond E.2016-04-01
     I was worried about a tree in my garden that I knew was going to collapse. I knew it could be disastrous if it did topple so I needed some expert help. I got that from Landscapers that sent a top team to my address to carefully remove the tree. The tree was swiftly cut down and there were no accidents. I feel my garden is a safer place thanks to them.
Nathan R.2016-01-15
     I live in an area where there are lots of trees and therefore there are lots of leaves. It is a constant job cleaning up those leaves after they fall during the autumn months and this is why I hired in the professional help of GardeningServicesGardeners. They come once a week during the autumn season to tend to my leaf collection and leaf clearance and it is just highly convenient and helpful to me!
Opal Lane2016-01-05
     GardeningServicesGardeners just cleaned my driveway and patio and the results are amazing. A friend suggested that I contact this company as she had used them for a patio cleaning service and they did a great job at a low cost. I also was happy with the service and cost, and would certainly recommend them to people I know who want a reputable company for gardening services.
Diana Black2015-12-03
     I used Gardening Services Gardeners for help with weeding and they did a great job. I worked away a lot and didn't have a lot of time for gardening and so made the decision to hire some help. The gardeners were a big help and made easy work of the weeding. The service wasn't expensive and I still use it weekly to keep everything under control.
Harry Hughes 2015-11-17
     I was thrilled with the landscaping job I had when I moved into the new house. The garden was unruly and a mess, so it needed a lot of work. I hired Gardening Companies London and left it to them. I wanted it cleared and restyled in an easy-to-care-for look. I didn't like gardening and so preferred to pay for help. These guys were great and revamped it into a lovely area to enjoy with a minimal effort for maintenance. The garden was made into a manageable design which even I could cope with. Thanks!
Pamela B.2015-11-04
      Gardening Services Gardeners were brilliant when I wanted my patio cleaned and cleared out before my son's birthday party. We were holding it outdoors for family and friends, but the slabs were green and dirty from moss built up over the winter. The gardeners came out at short notice and soon power washed the paving area back into shape. The price was good and the service, excellent.
Amanda F.2015-10-20
     My garden was getting out of hand as there were some jobs that were too much for me as I am not getting any younger. I hired a local company called GardeningServicesGardeners to help with the hedge trimming and pruning which saved me the climbing! The shrubs were growing out of shape and too tall and blocking out the light. Luckily, these chaps did a great job with the tidying up and at an affordable cost. I will continue to keep using this company for other gardening jobs as they are reliable and good at what they do.
Norma Price2015-10-09
     I was short of time but really needed someone to sort out the overgrown mess that had taken over my garden. I entrusted Gardening Companies London with the rather difficult task of sorting out my garden, and thankfully they managed to do so with ease. I ended up paying a reasonable price for the whole job and every penny was worth it when they were done and I saw the beautiful state of my garden. I definitely recommend this company!
Amy Leah2015-09-30
     I love spending time tending to the garden. But ever since I got a new job a few months back I have been unable to give my garden the proper care it deserves. So, I decided to hire GardeningServicesGardeners to handle garden maintenance for me. So far, they haven't let me down - they are most professional and deliver great results!
Emily Padgett2015-09-25
     I required support for a one-off gardening service and Gardening Services Gardeners were whom I called. They saw to the various tasks that needed doing, such as weeding, hedge and grass trimming, landscaping and more. My garden looks better than ever and with all the weeds gone my flowers can grow and prosper safely, all thanks to them.
Jamal Kingston2015-09-02
     My garden was plagued with weeds. Many had been growing there over spring and there was more than I could handle. I called up Landscapers to see if they could give me some advice and support and they did. I soon hired them for the job and they were able to eradicate every single weed in my garden. I checked twice after they were done and I couldn't find a single weed. They cleansed and cleaned my garden with their work and made it more attractive than ever. I'm very impressed with their work and give them five stars.
Tracy West2015-08-25
     The boys from Gardeners recently undertook lawn planting at my daughter's house. When I went visiting, I was pleasantly surprised by the new look. I must say they are a hardworking lot. They worked with ease, and did a terrific job overall. Rarely do you come across such wonderful people. I have now asked the gardeners to attend to my garden too! I look forward to a lovely relaxing space.
Joe G.2015-08-18
     GardeningServicesGardeners are reliable and hard working. My friend had recommended their services as their charges are competitive. The team shared some splendid ideas for landscaping the back garden and paid special attention to planting season flowers. My garden is now a visual treat and an awesome place to relax after a tiring day at work. I thoroughly enjoyed the creative and collaborative approach adopted by the expert gardeners. I am really happy to be a proud owner of a beautifully landscaped garden. Such a talented lot of gardeners! I am planning to hire them for regular garden maintenance starting from next week.
Richard Carter2015-08-07
     The team from Gardening Services Gardeners is highly reliable. They know well what they are doing and use only the best quality equipment. You don't even have to hang around to give them instructions. My wife and I entrusted the team with taking care of our garden while we were away on a holiday to Germany. When we came back from our trip, we were taken aback by a beautiful and welcoming garden. Such polite, professional and skilled gardeners, great work! I say, they have magic in their hands!
Maria Nelson2015-07-30
     I went away on a work trip for several months, and when I came back, my garden was in an utter mess! So much so that I didn't have a clue to get it back to normal. I called GardeningServicesGardeners and they were just brilliant from the get go. They sorted out my tangled bushes, overgrown hedges, green and slimy patio in no time at all. They made it look easy, so thanks to everyone who was called out on my gardening job.
     I love my garden, I really do. But after moving to the city, work took over and I no longer had the time or the energy to see to its upkeep. That's where Gardening Companies London came in. I called them up, hired their services and haven't looked back since. I now call them up every couple of months, more frequently during the summer, to take care of my lawn, hedges, patio and just to give it a general tidy up. I'm glad I found their company and will continue to use them in the future.
Sarah T.2015-07-13
     Every year I use Gardening Services Gardeners for my garden spraying. They always do a fantastic job although recently, I've been using them for other things too like weed control, trimming and hedging. They have a bargain service for all aspects of gardening and they are really professional too.
     My patio was a disgrace. Not only did it need a clean after months of terrible weather, but also the weed had gone mental and I needed help fast! Gardening Services Gardeners sent a weed control team to my house and they did a great job on my patio cleaning. They got rid of all the weeds too and I doubt they'll be back in a hurry. It is so nice to have my patio back!
Sandra B.2015-06-23
     My husband and I wanted to redesign our back yard to add a small gazebo and reshape the flower bed pattern. However, none of us had much experience with these sorts of jobs. So, we turned to Landscapers to help us out. They have provided us with outstanding garden design services and have created a beautiful pattern of hedges and flowers. They even installed the gazebo for us! We now enjoy our afternoon tea in our lovely new outdoor space!
Elizabeth M.2015-06-12
     My garden has just had a makeover and I am still getting compliments from my friends and neighbours. Gardening Companies London handled all the tasks from leaf clearing to new posts, fencing, grass cutting, pruning and even garden landscaping. The price they offered us was competitive and yet they lived up to the promise of transforming our garden. They even tidied up after they were done with the job. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for reliable gardeners.
Ellie Cowan2015-06-02
     I had approached Gardening Services Gardeners to help me reinstate the messed up back yard. I was away from home for nearly three months and was shocked to see the overgrown garden. I realised that I would need a helping hand to dig out the shrubs, prepare new beds and manage the weeds. Moreover, my gruelling work schedule meant that I needed help with day-to-day garden maintenance. I am glad that my sister recommended this company. It has been great working with people who love gardening and have immense knowledge about plants and garden care. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is too caught up with office work to bother about the garden.
Julie M.2015-05-22
     From the aesthetic and imaginative design to affordable quotes, Landscapers is definitely one of the best gardening companies that I have come across. The gardening experts gave attention to detail and kept our requirements at top priority. Their team work was exemplary and moreover, they were courteous and hardworking. I am definitely going to use their services again.
Dennis Hunter2015-05-12
     My husband and I are very pleased with the gardening work undertaken by GardeningServicesGardeners. The workmanship was excellent and the gardening crew had everything under control. I can't thank the team enough for the lawn mowing and patio cleaning that were completed to a very high standard. I also appreciate the free advice that they gave us on how to take care of the new garden.
Neil J.2015-05-02
     When I hired Landscaping and Gardening I was hoping to have found the reliable gardening company that I've always been looking for. I've tried lots of services in the past but never found anything that delivered consistently high-quality help. I wasn't expecting to be blown away with this company but I definitely was - this is a really professional service that isn't too tight on the purse strings, and I couldn't be happier with how my garden looks! Thank you so much!
Alan C.2015-04-22
     I love Landscapers and their gardening help! I needed everything from lawn restoration services to landscaping help to sort out my jungle of a back garden, and I got everything that I was hoping for from this company! I found their prices to be very good for the quality of service that you get, and lots of people have commented on how lovely my garden now looks! Spending time in my garden with my family is invaluable, and I have so much to thank this company and their wonderful gardeners for!
     I have found the gardening teams at Gardening Companies London to be lovely, dedicated and skilled gardeners, which is why I continue to use this company rather than any others. They have lots of different services which is great if you're like me, and needed more than just a lawn trim, and the prices are very good for what is an exceptionally professional company. I've used other gardening companies in the past, but none can compare to this one! Thanks!
     GardeningServicesGardeners have been very good to me over the time we've worked together. They never fail to arrive on time, they're always ready to work with a smile and give me a bit of a rest and time off for myself. What's more, they offer pretty much every service you could ask for. They're lots skilled in every aspect of gardening and can turn a jungle into a finely regimented landscape which makes you want to sit and enjoy it. That's exactly what a garden should be. GardeningServicesGardeners comes highly recommended.
Hannah Jason2015-03-23
     I love the look of a garden full of flowers, but I don't really know much about gardening. I was brought up in a flat and now I've just bought my first home with a garden I didn't know how to make my dream into a reality. I called GardeningServicesGardeners to plant the flowers I picked out and they have ar-ranged them in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way thanks to the skilled designer we had planning it all out. It didn't cost much more than it would have cost me to buy the flowers, so I'm delighted about that. I'd recommend everyone in the local area give GardeningServicesGardeners a try!
Philipe S.2015-03-13
     I thought gardening services would be a bit out of my price range but that turned out not to be the case. I spoke on the phone GardeningServicesGardeners and thought I must have misheard their rates. After talking to a few other firms I realised that they weren't joking when they said they're the lowest priced gardening services in the local area. They came and did a bit of work on the lawn, and in the flowerbeds. They washed the patio and collected up the autumn leaves. All in all I do not regret it for one minute! It was brilliant and I'm pleased to be working with them in the future.
Robert James2015-03-03
     I wanted one of those landscaped gardens like you sometimes see in the magazines, but my husband thought it would cost too much. After a bit of looking around I thought he was right but then I found GardeningServicesGardeners who are really good value for money. He was more than happy to comply and I drew up a design for the landscapers who went on to suggest me some more ideas. Now the garden looks better than ever and I bet its added a fair bit onto the value of the house too. Lovely work, always nice to sit out in the sun now.
Sue G.2015-02-21
      Gardening Services Gardeners have worked wonders with my garden, and it's gone from a messy and overrun place to be ignored, to a vibrant and beautiful area in which to entertain my guests! I've never been one for gardening, but I thought it might be a good idea to hire professional gardeners. It definitely was, as my garden has now never looked better! I've had lots of compliments, and now I love showing it off to everyone who comes to visit!
     My lovely green garden wouldn't have been possible without the help of GardeningServicesGardeners. They are the best gardening service I've ever used, and I've had to hire and fire a fair few in my time. They came and took the old turf out and did some lawn restoration for me. On top of that, they dug out space for flowerbeds and places to plant herbs and vegetables. Now I have a functional and beau-tiful garden which they are also coming to maintain on a regular basis. This is exactly what I need in my life because it limits the stress greatly.
     I needed a lot of help with my garden. My lawn was a mess, my plants were dying and there were weeds everywhere, but Gardeners took it all in stride and did a very good job tackling it all. Now that my garden's looking much better I only use this company for their lawn mowing service, but I wholeheartedly recommend them for any gardening troubles! I found the gardeners to be friendly and efficient, and I didn't find the services too expensive either!
     I've never had much success with caring for the garden, but at least I used to have the time to give it a try. Nowadays I'm lucky if I get five minutes alone where I can just relax. I called [COM-PANY] and their hard work in the garden has given me so much more time, I feel like I can do any-thing I want for that precious extra three hours a week I have free. I can finish a few books a month, or further my hobbies. Anything but toiling in the garden! What's more is that GardeningServicesGardeners's services are so affordable. I have them cut the grass and trim the hedges every week and get them to keep an eye on the weeds while they're at it. I barely notice the money coming out of my account.
     The gardener which GardeningServicesGardeners sent to tend to my flowerbed is the best I have ever had. She works so hard and knows exactly how to get the job done. She's brilliant at all sorts of maintenance jobs too, like trimming hedges, cutting down the weeds and making sure it's all tidy afterwards. I don't have the same kind of care of delicacy so I'd never be able to do something like that. She's so cheap to hire I could afford to have her come a few times a week, but she's so good at her job it doesn't need to be done quite so often.
     My lawn, which consists primarily of moss, weeds and litter, is a nightmare to take care of. It's more than I can cope with especially since I have work, kids and even more responsibilities on top of that. GardeningServicesGardeners have given me a great deal of relief in this respect and I'm very grateful to them for that. They offered their lawn restoration and repair service for such a comparatively af-fordable rate I took them up on their offer the same day, and they came and started work. Since then I have had a green, luscious lawn. Perfection.
     I've never really had green fingers, but I really did want my garden to look great over the summer months. I hired professional gardening company, Landscaping and Gardening, to help me out with planting and landscaping, and they did a fantastic job! I've stuck with their gardening services for a good while now, and I love the compliments I get on my garden! I'll be using this service for as long as possible now, having such a lovely garden is wonderful. What a great service - great gardeners, great prices!
     I take great pride in my garden, but a back injury meant that I couldn't give my plants, flowers and lawn the attention that they needed for a good few months. I was lucky enough to find Gardening Services Gardeners, who worked amazingly well to keep my garden up to its professionally high standard. I can't thank these gardeners enough for their wonderful help - I'd recommend this company to anyone, as they are dependable and very inexpensive for the quality of service too!
     Finding a good gardener is like finding a needle in my monstrously overgrown lawn. Companies think they can just hire any old person with the right tools and then charge you an arm and a leg for it. GardeningServicesGardeners are not like that at all, and the price of them landscaping and maintaining my garden doesn't cost an arm or a leg, it's very affordable. After I've seen it in great condition it makes me more inclined to work on it, so I'm thinking about planting some herbs and vegetables. I'm very grateful to our gardener and would definitely recommend them.
Leon K.2014-12-08
     I just got promoted. And that's not always a good thing! While it means you get more money for the work you do, the hours are longer. I look at it as being given overtime pay instead of a promotion which should mean, in theory, you become one of the guys at the top sitting and getting paid for telling people ‘yes' and ‘no'. So in short I have no free time and as a result my garden was be-coming less than prestigious. My promotion allowed me to think about hiring services but when I saw the prices I wondered why I'd always thought it'd be expensive! It was so affordable I was skeptical but when I saw the results I was amazed. Highly recommended.
Herbert K.2014-11-28
     A garden like mine is more than just a one-man job, it requires a few people or a few days to complete. Sick of the process I called GardeningServicesGardeners who miraculously manage to get it all done in a few hours for a low price. This kind of dedication and efficiency is exactly what I look for when hir-ing a new service, so I'm not going to look any further. I will recommend this to anyone who needs anything doing in their garden because it is affordable and speedy.
     I don't think I've ever done anything more boring than garden maintenance. I have quite a bit of free time on my hands but I think it's better spent furthering myself and my skills as well as looking after those around me. I called GardeningServicesGardeners because, even though it doesn't bother me too much, my family would enjoy a nice garden. To make sure we could keep it tidy we used their landscap-ing service to give it a good format and now they're scheduled to come once a week to do whatev-er works needs doing. That takes guilt away from me, at least!
     No one like the thought of garden clearance, but it's a safe bet they like doing it even less. We hired GardeningServicesGardeners just for weed control to start off with but then we thought it'd be nice to plant some herbs and had them landscape the whole lot for us so we had sections where we could plant herbs and section for flowers. It looks amazing now and we're so glad to have found out about them. We'd heard that gardening services cost so much money but that doesn't seem to be the case with this firm! I wanted to spread the word about my positive experience because they deserve to have their praises sung.
Martha L.2014-10-29
     We moved into a new place two weeks ago and the garden was a real state. There were faded children's toys, cracks in the greenhouse, weeds breaking apart the patio tiles, all sorts of night-mares. We have a puppy so we didn't want her hurting herself or even getting lost in amongst all the long grass and weeds. We found out about GardeningServicesGardeners on the internet and had them come and completely renovate our garden, from graveyard to great yard. I think they tried out every service possible on us since they got rid of the weeds, cleaned up the patio, removed the garden waste and trimmed back all of those unruly bushes. Perfect!
Michelle H.2014-10-19
     I moved into a new house and was so pleased when it had a nice big garden! I was a bit silly really because I didn't think about how much work something like that would end up taking. It's not like I'm exceptionally busy but I have very time consuming and obsessive hobbies which end up making me ‘busy'. I like to spend most of my time inside and I'd rather have someone else do it for me when I could be educating myself on something or another. Out of all the options, I could only really justify the cost of one, GardeningServicesGardeners, and they were so good! I wasn't expecting it because of the price but they sorted the lawn out perfectly.
Benedict Leslie2014-10-09
     A good gardening service is not easy to find. After looking around for a long time a while ago I gave up. That was until I saw how much care and attention my garden needed. I found out about GardeningServicesGardeners from my neighbour who said they were brilliant. He was right, I'm very pleased with the trimming and hedging they've done, the garden was becoming uninhabitable and the patio was no longer a joy to sit out on in the evenings which was a shame since the weather seemed to be improving a little bit. All in all, GardeningServicesGardeners are an exceptional service with capable and friendly gardeners.
Kat M.2014-09-29
     I'm the sort of person who needs everything to be perfect. I was hesitant to call any garden landscaping service because I thought that if I wanted it to be the way I imagine it in my head I would have to learn how to do it myself. I was able to convey my dream garden to GardeningServicesGardeners and see it brought to life right outside my kitchen window. I am a total perfectionist and I must say that it is exactly how I wanted it to be! I trust their skills so much I have arranged for them to come and maintain it too. Much appreciated!
     The very thought of weed control strikes fear into my heart! I've never been one with a green thumb, so to speak. I love having a garden so I can let the dog out to run around, but he only chews a bit of grass, unfortunately he doesn't eat the weeds too. My husband and I had a look for local gardeners and settled on GardeningServicesGardeners. We're happy we found them and now we're wondering where they've been our whole life! You'd not believe the speed they can get the planting and grass cutting done, they are excellent value for money.
Brenda V.2014-09-09
     You know how gardens can quickly get out of control if they're left unattended. When I went on holiday I decided I needed someone to look after the garden, do a bit of planting, cut the grass, things like that. It's depressing enough coming back to rainy England after a holiday in the sun without your garden looking like something from a horror film. GardeningServicesGardeners have been a pleasure to work with, they're the most reliable gardeners I've ever worked with and you can tell they came regularly to tend to it instead of just doing it once at the end when it's too late.
Helen F.2014-08-30
     When I came back from my time away I found the patio had become very dirty. It was an obvious change since I last saw it clean and then it was a much darker colour instead of it just getting dirtier gradually over time. I called GardeningServicesGardeners to clean it up a bit because it was making the garden look like a mess. I'm not quite as strong as I used to be, which is a shame, but I also decided I would take them up on their offer of lawn mowing services which would definitely be a load off my mind and more time to relax and do what I love: sitting in the sun with a book on the patio.
John D.2014-08-25