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If you are looking for a professional, experienced and highly recommended contemporary garden design    company then look no further than Gardening Services Gardeners who can provide you with creative and practical garden design ideas to help provide you with ideas and suggestions for your garden project so that when you eventually make the right choice to use our garden designer team to come and reform, redesign, transform and undertake the final project and giving you the garden that you have also wanted but never been able to arrange yourself.

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Hiring our local gardening services means that you can have the perfect garden where you will be able to relax and chill out in, as well as entertain, hold dinner parties, enjoy summer nights and days, as well as being able to admire from the window when the weather does not allow you to wander outside in to the garden. It doesn’t make any difference whether you want to hire our garden design services for your commercial or residential property needs, as our team can complete an excellent job of designing any kind of garden that you want and need by making good use of the kind of garden that you already have, as well as the experience and resources that our team of garden designers possess too! By calling 020 3540 7140 now, you can look forward to speaking to a friendly member of our team in order to start designing the new look of your garden!

Prices for gardening services

PriceWorkersAdditional hours
Gardening servicesfrom £97 / visit2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Garden Clearancefrom £97 / visit2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Lawn Care & Repairfrom £97 / visit2 men for 2 hours £42,00
Tree Surgeryfrom £106 / hour2 men / hour£50,00
Landscapingfrom £106 / hour2 men / hour£50,00
Outdoor repairsfrom £106 / hour2 men / hour£50,00
Jet Washfrom £2.5 / sq m
Gutter Cleaningfrom £12
Window cleaningfrom £1
gardening experts

By using our tried and tested creative and practical garden design plans, as well as our other ideas, our gardening professionals can help to build you the garden or other type of outdoor area that you have always wanted.

Our gardening experts don’t have to worry about the amount of space available, the position of the garden or even the quality of the soil, as our team of reliable gardening professionals strive to give all of our clients the best quality garden services of all kinds by using what is already there and building upon it. It doesn’t matter how big a garden or outdoor area you have to play with, as we can make the best of it and still provide you with a whole list of professional, high quality and reliable gardening services of which can be utilised at any time you like and have been made with you and your ideal garden dreams in mind. Due to the fact that not everybody has a garden it is a good idea to make the most of the garden that you have no matter what type of area it is and how big or small it may be. With our company you can really make the most of the little plot of land you may have because we will design your new garden around the space and type of garden that you have.


It doesn’t matter whether it is paving, fencing, hedge creation or other similar creative types of garden and outdoor design services that you are after, as our team at Gardening Services Gardeners can provide you with professional, creative and practical services that will ensure that your garden becomes the idyllic place you have always wanted it to be. Currently at this moment your garden may be nothing to brag about but by calling us now on 020 3540 7140 we can guarantee that it soon will be!

Our Testimonials
J. Sykes 2022/06/24
The garden design they came up with for me is the stuff of dreams. I couldn't have envisaged it better myself.
R. Hawes 2022/06/23
The garden design they came up with for me was faultless. They took on board what I wanted to get from my new garden and came up with the perfect, beautiful design.
H. Myre 2022/06/16
I took my friend up on their recommendation to entrust this company with my garden design. I can't thank my friend enough, or Gardening Services Gardeners. What they did for me, the transformation was just amazing. Hiring them after a garden transformation is definitely recommended.
Rory A. 2022/06/04
Their garden design team must've gotten their creative minds whirring as soon as I reached out to them. What they came up with for me was just fantastic.

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