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Why Gardening Gift Ideas Are The Best in Twickenham
17Jun 2015

Perfect Gardening Gifts in Twickenham

gardening gift ideas

Gardening gifts are some of the best gifts in the world, because they are practical. It is challenging to find gifts in Twickenham that you can't just eat and throw the box in the bin these days. Gifts generally work best when they can be used in everyday life and really come into use. Gardening gifts cover different types of things, depending on the person that you are choosing the gift for. Some of your friends or family may only have a small garden, or some may have quite a large lawn as well as things like water features and fountains that require extra maintenance and care.

gardening maintenance
So how do you go about finding things that suit your friends or your family? Sometimes, you may want to gift someone in Twickenham, TW1 something but may find it challenging to ask because you may think that they may not be interested in a gift to do with gardening, not to mention flat out trying to decline being gifted. You have to see what type of garden they have. Small things like shed tidies are absolutely fantastic, because as the name goes, they make storing tools in the outside garden shed easy. Small tools such as small shovels and spades as well as hand rakes are also a good gift idea, as they are perfect for uprooting weeds and clearing up leaves. This gift is perfect because it often comes in a small handy box that is portable and can be taken along with you, anywhere in the garden. It is ideal for elderly people, because you will find everything is one place.

garden ornaments
Garden ornaments are also another fantastic gift. You don't always have the budget to buy a fountain in TW2, but think of it this way. If someone bought you a small fountain or gifted you the money to have a rock pool installed, wouldn't you be thrilled?! You know you would be too! Statues and features come under this category, because again just like the gift above, they are portable. Some people prefer aesthetics over practicality; it's wise to be able to tell which one is which! Classic examples of this are things like garden gnomes as well as solar powered lights which are a popular and favourite way to also go green!

indoor gardening gifts
Indoor garden growing gift ideas are also great because some people may be living in a smaller space, for example a flat, and may not have access to a massive garden in Twickenham. Having foliage indoors brings nature into your house and gives you a calming and relaxing feel. Some choose to gift a plant pot or a packet of seeds that will eventually grow into flowers, fruits or vegetables. Whilst we recommend leaving the fruits and veggies for the actual garden, growing flowers indoors is beautiful. Sometimes, a small garden can mean a large trough like device where different small plants grow together like a family, side by side.

gardening gloves
You can also choose to gift very physical and practical gifts, such as a pair of gardening gloves that you generally use when mowing lawns in TW1. These are also used when you are hedge trimming as well as using shears to cut branches and twigs off. Things like clocks are also handy in your garden, where time can feel like a stranger. A kneeling stool set is also ideal for when you need to kneel down to cut or use shears and don't want to hurt or bruise your knees in the process!

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