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Top Draught-Tolerant Perennial Plants for Your Garden
15 October 2020

The Best Plants For Drought-Tolerant Gardens

draught-tolerant perennials

Once summer kicks in you might think that gardening becomes easier, but you would be amazed at how much trouble you will face once you start the landscaping. Some summers can get quite dry with a lot of sun and heat, and very little rain. Most flowers wither in such conditions as they require more watering than you can give them, but there are also those that you can plant and perform garden maintenance only once in a while, and they will withstand the heat and the years, and will keep your garden beautiful and vibrant, just as a summer garden should look like.

•    Yarrow
This is summer champion. Whenever you see  a meadow, there is bound to be at least one stalk of smiling yellow yarrows shaking in the dry wind. Pests stay away from it and it lives for quite a long period, so if you add some to your garden, you just need full sun and it will brighten it up for quite a while.

pine-leaf penstemon

•    Pine-Leaf Penstemon
Butterflies love these scarlet masses of flowers that pop up each summer to bring smiles on the faces of children and beautify all sunny spots in a garden.

•    Agastache
Agastache is in itself a whole garden, with the green spreading leaves and red bloom that brings colour to both summer and autumn seasons. The “Desert Sunrise” variety attracts lots of hummingbirds, and it will look amazing in a proper vase around other summer flowers.

planting sedum

•    Sedum
With all its variations, this flower is draught-resistant to the core and barely needs any maintenance. You simply need to find it a proper sunny place and watch the colours bloom, surprising as usual when it comes to which colour it would be.

Russian Sage

•    Sage
This flower has a multitude of varieties and many of them are amazing summer garden flowers that will provide your backyard with lots of colour and energy. The Russian Sage, with the silver foliage and purple blooms, will chase away pests while looking great in the corners of a garden. The Bush Sage will bring plenty of scarlet red to the garden and will stay alive from spring to autumn. Meadow Sage will give you melancholic clusters of violet flowers for butterflies and hummingbirds to enjoy, and they will go perfect with a bouquet. Mojave Sage, with its pink and red shades, can very well be called the prettiest of sages and will last you almost until winter comes.

growing lavender

•    Lavender
This is a very popular flower, and it is one that will provide for a variety of things: it is draught-resistant, looks wonderfully, has a great fragrance, it’s a good herb to have around, it can create a variety of fragrant oils, and you can add it to your tea.

•    Sundrops
This is the snowdrop’s counterpart and while the latter grows underneath snow heaps, sundrops grow right under the full sun, taking all its heat and using it to reflect the bright rays with its vibrant yellow colour.

Echinacea purpurea

•    Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
This flower looks amazing on two levels – it has a beautiful spiky head that is sure to attract both bees and butterflies, and underneath it lie beautiful pink, red, or pinkish petals that will dye your garden in the colours of summer.

All these flowers are perfect for your summer garden, and will last you well into autumn. You don’t have to worry about planting and trimming and hedging about something that will die out on you in a matter of weeks. These sturdy flowers are summer’s champions and are begging for lawn planting while requiring the least lawn maintenance of the bunch.

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