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Top 5 Garden Essentials For Beginners In Walthamstow
30Jun 2015

5 Top Gardening Tips for Beginners In Walthamstow

gardening essentials

If you have just moved into a home with your first garden in Walthamstow, or have had one for a while but have been scared to go out there because you have killed every house plant you have ever been bought. This guide may be for you, you might not be naturally green fingered but there is always time to get started. From the good plants to the right tools here are your top 5 tips to getting started on the perfect outside space.

1.    Start with a garden tidy up. You don’t even need to be green fingered to do this one. It’s always a good idea to start with the basics that can actually really make a difference to your garden in Walthamstow, E17 quickly and with little effort. You will be surprised what a bit of leaf clearance will do to make thinks look neat again. Look into garden waste removal to get rid of you dead leaves and any twigs or garden rubbish you might end up picking up. Next you will need to have a start on weed control. Chances are weeds have sprouted up where they were not supposed to and are now making your garden look untidy. Just a good grip and some tugging should do the job, if not there are plenty of tools on the market to do the job.

garden waste removal

2.    The right tools. You will need your basic tools such as a hand fork and a trowel. Sometimes you can get these in packs together. These are going to help you with your new plants and lifting the soil so that it’s ready to be filled with new life. You will also need a watering can, new plants need watering and during the summer months you will want to water your garden more regularity to keep it from wilting. A cultiweeder can be great for lifting those tougher weeds and is more environmentally friendly than using sprays. A good strong pair of gardening gloves is essential especially for dealing with brambles. Pruners are also great for trimming and hedging or cutting back any plants that need to be maintained.

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3.    Get planting. Chat to some gardening experts in your local garden centre in E17 to find out what might suit your garden and soil type. Flowering plants such as impatiens walleriana are a great starting plant to add colour to your pots or boarders. Heathers and grasses are also good for year round colour and to spread out if you have a lot of space to fill.


4.    Look into lawn care. The centre of any garden is the green and grassy lawn. You will need to keep it well mown during the summer and keep it looking green during the winter. Consider calling in some gardening professionals in Walthamstow if you are having trouble with your lawn. They will be able to tell you how to keep it looking at its best.

lawn maintenance

5.    Add the finishing touches. Things like edging for your flower beds, hanging baskets, garden ornaments and furniture are all perfect as the last touches for your new garden. Take the time to have a look around and see how you could fill any gaps or that might need to be improved. Remember your hard work will need to be maintained so keep on top of watering and tackling those pesky weeds. Or call in a garden maintenance service.

garden design

Enjoy your hard work and remember gardening can be fun. Make sure you take time to sit back and appreciate your hard work. When you get time to sit in your garden you can really feel the benefits of your work.

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