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Tips on Creating a Dog-Friendly Garden
15 October 2020

Top Tips For Creating a Dog-Friendly Garden For Your Pet

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Dogs and gardens have always been that couple which can never co-exist even in public and dog can be referred to as the loathed garden's step-sister. If you are wondering why then you probably have never seen dug up flower beds, yellowed plants thanks to dog's pee and your garden is not the only party which gets damage as it equally poses a danger for your pooch. If you are wondering how then you are probably a dog owner who has never had a garden. Unfortunately, as much as you love having one, it can be dangerous to your furred best friends as some flowers are toxic and can cause allergies, diarrhoea or even worse death. Having a landscaped garden also means that you have to be always on the lookout as your pooch may end up disappearing through the gaps and holes it digs under the fence. In short, there are far many too many buts which convince many people that dogs and gardens can never be a match. Fortunately, that is just a myth so if you were planning to adopt one and you have a garden or the vice versa then feel free to do so. There are ways you can make the two parties co-exist by creating a dog-friendly garden. How so? Read on to find out.

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Use strong border plants

As much as most gardeners love having the lilies and the tulips as border plants, dog owners have to understand that they are not like "most gardeners," and as such, their garden designs have to be different if they want it to last. Therefore, they will line their exteriors with stronger and larger plants which act will prevent their dogs from entering the garden. Furthermore, there are plenty of beautiful and stronger borderline plants than flowers which you can use. If you are not aware of any contact a professional gardening company as they can give you useful gardening tips and provide the right border plants for a dog-friendly garden.

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Use dog-friendly plants

As mentioned earlier, some plants are usually toxic to dogs and may even lead to death which is the last thing you want. That is why you should ensure that none of them are poisonous or are of potential danger to your doggo. Again, get expert gardening help to help you identify the right plants for your garden to avoid putting your dog in danger.

Create solid paths

One way to prevent or discourage your pooch from entering or disappearing is by changing your garden design and creating solid tracks. This you can create using reliable materials and not ones which the dog can dig into such as gravel. Once you do, you have to train your dog into using the paths instead of going into the flower beds and if it still does so, then try and discipline him into obeying. After all the reason we love dogs is their ability to listen and obey hence you can train your dog into using the paths only. We understand that creating such tracks can be an uphill task mainly because you have no idea which path should be where or which plant should go where. Fortunately, you don't have to go through the struggle alone as there are many experts in landscaping who can help you create each of these paths in the right places.

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Let the professionals handle it for you

If you are new to the world of gardening, you don't have to struggle or stress yourself on where to start or knowing where to stop. You need highly qualified and experienced gardeners who can handle all the landscaping tips given above. Choose a company that has been in the landscaping arena long enough to understand how to go about them and create a unique and fantastic garden for you. Professional gardeners will help you ensure that your furred best friends will not be disappearing anytime soon and neither will you find your favourite flowers lying lifeless on the flower beds by helping you create a unique garden design from scratch. If you are just planning to adopt a dog and you have a garden already they will help you transform it into a dog-friendly one and thus let you enjoy the serene environment created by having one in your home and also the happiness which comes with being a dog owner.

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