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Saving Time When Gardening In Ealing
24Feb 2015

Quick Tips For Garden Maintenance In Ealing

garden maintenance

Come spring season and all gardeners in Ealing will be busy returning to their gardens, anxious to check if the temperature is right to plant and if the soil is warm and dry enough to work in.  But spring time also means that there is much more for you to do – spring cleaning for instance, and summer barbeques and picnics and nice day-outs with girls. Can you then give your garden the attention it demands while giving others the attention they deserve? Yes, if you follow our quick tips for garden maintenance. Follow these simple rules and get reliable gardening done without much stress and effort.


1.    Have a plan
If you have not been doing much gardening in Ealing, W3 through winter, then that would be a good time to set your plans for next year. Take stock of what you have left over and what supplies you need to buy, give your compost heap a toss, order from the seed catalogs, test your soil, assess what you did wrong this year and make resolutions to improve on them next year.

garden beds

2.    Make quick beds
One way to avoid having to dig to prepare your plant beds every season, have a no-till sheet composting in place. This is a good way to take care of garden waste removal; all you need to do is to dump green waste, manure and spoiled hay on the beds when they are left fallow and let nature do the work for you. In time, the mulch will be ready. Then all you have to do is to slice under the turf, flip it over or push them back to make rows and plant your seedlings.

gardening tools

3.    Make a portable tool kit
There are some gardening equipment, such as pruner, trowel etc. that you will invariably need, no matter what chore you are doing. To avoid having to make several trips to the shed, wear a pair of cargo pants with several pockets to hold small items such as seed packets, ball of twine etc. that can be easily misplaced; and use a big bucket to transport the rest. You can also use an old mailbox planted in the middle of the field in the W5 to store your garden tools.


4.    Turn in weeds
Weeds are a common problem in garden but instead of using chemical methods of weed control, take a spade and shove it under the weed growth in the soil. Turn the soil over and completely bury them. This should be done before they begin to flower and give seeds. If you are afraid they might grow new ones from the seeds, add some activated compost and mulch over it to activated the process of decomposition and leave the land undisturbed. Weeds are a high source of nutrition and can give the plants a lot of nutrients when decomposed.

leaf collection

5.    Shred leaves in one go
The finer the leaves are chopped, the easier they are to compost. To get multiple uses of leaf clearance in your garden in the W3 district, rake the fallen ones in one pile on the lawn, separate the woody bits and then run the mower through it. The leaves will be chopped and can be spread on site or stored in bags until they have decomposed to a certain degree before they are added to the beds.


6.    Water wisely
To make sure that the deep roots in your garden in Ealing get water, bury a perforated soda bottle next to the plants and keep filling it with water regularly. Make sure the mouth of the bottle is well above soil level so that the soil doesn’t get inside and block the pores.

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