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Getting The Most From Your Garden in Westminster
31Mar 2015

Tips For Keeping Your Garden In Shape In Westminster

garden care

If you put in enough time, effort and loving care then your garden in Westminster can become a beautiful and serene place in which you and your family can relax and play. Keeping your garden in shape, and getting the most from our garden, doesn’t have to a be a long and tiring process though. If you follow these tips then you can soon have the garden of your dreams, without having to worry about your gardening!

garden clearance

1)    Keeping your garden clear.
You’ll only be able to make the most of your garden in Westminster, W1 if it’s a clear and clean environment. You can have the most beautifully landscaped garden in your neighbourhood, but if your lawn is cluttered with children’s toys and debris, or if your patio needs a good clean, then you’re not going to get the aesthetic that you want for your home. If you have children and outdoor toys then it might be worth investing in an outdoor storage solution to keep your lawn clear. You can also use the storage solution to store your patio furniture when not in use. Clean your patio regularly with bleach, water and a stiff brush – remember to weed your patio to prevent unsightly growths in the cracks and crevices!

hedge pruning

2)    Trimming your garden.
Trim your garden regularly to keep it looking sleek and well-defined. Your pruning shears should be able to cut easily – you shouldn’t be hacking at your hedges and bushes as this can make them look choppy and messy! Always trim at an angle, as trimming in a straight line can cause rainfall to collect on your branches, which can cause disease. Keep any suitable trimmings from plants to use as mulch, or try making your own organic compost or fertiliser to keep your garden looking its best!


3)    Planting.
If you’re planning on planting in your garden to keep it looking vibrant and colourful then make sure you know the best places to plant in your garden. You’re going to want to choose a place that’s out of direct sunlight, but that still gets a little warmth and light. If you’re having trouble keeping your plants and flowers alive then why not take a soil sample to your local gardening centre for testing? It might not be that you don’t have green fingers – you could just have the wrong pH balance for growth!

pest control

4)    Preventing pests.
Keep slugs and snails at bay with pellets and repellent products, though be careful using these if you have animals in your home, as they can be toxic. Try table salt for a more natural yet effective solution. If you’re dealing with other, trickier pests, such as nematodes, try researching their favourite plants and flowers, and plant these s decoys near to the ones you want to keep safe. These will attract the majority of pests, leaving  your vegetables or flowers free from attack.

gardening company

5)    Hiring a gardening company.
If you want to get the most from your garden in Westminster without having to put in the effort then you can always think about hiring gardening professionals. There should be lots of gardening companies in your area who offer professional gardening services such as garden spraying, lawn restoration and repair, and garden care services. Finding your ideal gardening  service will mean that you have the garden of your dreams, without having to worry. Speak to your local gardening experts today!

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