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Get Your Patio Ready for Summer
15 October 2020

Tips To Get Your Patio Summer Ready

patio cleaning

Good weather is about to hit and you still haven’t prepared your patio? What a shame. Spending more time outdoors when weather allows it is a great way to use some of your free time. Instead of slacking off, get out there to get your patio in shape.

There is plenty of work to be done around your patio, if you want to ensure that it is ready to meet the challenges of summer. Garden care is not the only thing that should occupy your time. Take some of your gardening time and spend it on some (or better yet on ALL) of the following tasks:

patio maintenance

-    Introduce outdoor curtains - if your patio is exposed to the sun, you will probably want some shade. A great way to do this is by using outdoor curtains. Such a project has the power to turn your patio into a room. The way you do this is by attaching hooks to the underside of your porch or pergola and placing a rod or a pipe there. That is what you will use to hang the curtains on. That is how you create a perfect retreat to take some rest during your gardening efforts. It is worth noting that you should use outdoor fabric, as the curtains will be exposed to the elements and need to be more durable.

shade sails installation

-    Get shade sails - if there is no porch on your patio, you can still get that desired shade by equipping shade sails. Other than practical, they are also a great visual element, which can greatly complement your garden. You can choose between triangle and square shapes and multitude of colours. Some of the advanced products out there also come with a UV filter, which is great if you want to block out the hot sun and just relax after a tiring gardening session.

garden fence painting

-    Give your fence some love - no garden is complete without a beautiful fence; that much is for sure. Don’t forget to include your fence in your garden maintenance efforts. Inspect for damage caused by the elements in winter and repair any area that is in bad shape. One project you can get busy with is painting your fence with a fresh coat of a colour you like. It is a great facelift patio project!

garden design

-    Let there be light - proper lighting contributes a great deal to creating a romantic atmosphere on your patio. That way you and your family can enjoy a night out in the breeze, even when it is dark. String lights make for a perfect addition to every patio, as they can be located across the fence or on tree branches. As an added bonus, you can have some much needed light for those late night garden maintenance chores.


-    Liven up your patio with some planters - what better way to make your patio more intriguing and bright than introducing some planters and beautiful flowers for them? If you don’t want to buy the planters, you can build them yourself. It is surprising how everyday household items can turn into wonderful planters with the power of your imagination and artistic skills.

patio design

-    Decorate your patio - as a final touch, you can introduce some decorations to your patio. Don’t keep a dull look in the area, as it won’t quite serve to help you relax. Get colourful cushions and a few throw pillows to transform the patio.

Garden care is so much easier when you have a nice patio to rest on. There is no doubt you will enjoy your time there more if you invest a little of your time and effort to get the area ready for summer.

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