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Gardening Can Make You Healthier
15 October 2020

Why Gardening Is Good For Your Health

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Gardening is a good way of getting healthy. It gets you outdoors in the fresh air and gives you some moderate exercise. If it isn’t your favourite pastime why not try to make it one? After all, you not only gain from being more active but you are also creating a stunning outside area that you can enjoy when the summer arrives.

Health, air and exercise for all

Apart from improving your garden in looks, garden maintenance will also get you more exercise. Getting outside in the air is invigorating and will improve your health, and it is far better than lazing in front of the TV! It is good also to encourage other family members to help. Children will love you for letting them help, whether it is with their own watering cans and watering the flowers and vegetables, or letting them have some pots to plant some seeds and watch some pretty flowers grow. A family activity is better as you are all involved. It is also a cost-effective way of spending time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and not really spending lots of money. Everyone will benefit from helping with the weeding and grass cutting, from the children having space to play in to you enjoying a glass of wine sitting in a beautifully manicured garden.

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Achieving your goals

Having a nice garden will give you a sense of achievement. If you are just starting out and want to redesign your outdoor space then start by browsing online and gardening magazines and books to look for inspiration for garden landscaping. Making a plan and doing a garden design on paper will help you plan what you want. Try to start with simple changes that are within your limits. You could look at it as a new adventure. Choosing new patio paving or new plants is exciting. Spend time in garden centres; they are full of ideas and stunning products to create an amazing outside area that can be as stunning as the inside of your home.

landscape gardening
What type of garden

Vegetable plots are popular and they are rewarding in the fact that you are growing your own fruit and vegetables. These are healthy, as they can be picked straight from the plant and you benefit from not losing any of the valuable nutrients that sometimes disappear after the veggies have sat on the supermarket shelves for a while. You will save money from travelling to the shops, and be able to give your produce to people you know with pride. There is a lot to learn about planting seeds, growing, to controlling pests and diseases etc. but once you know it, it can be a life changing hobby. Many gardeners spend year after year improving on their crop of vegetables.

weed control
Lawn, borders and ponds

If vegetable gardening isn’t for you, there is the pretty cottage garden style where beautiful displays of flowers and shrubs spill out of rockery gardens and borders. These types of gardens need a lot of garden maintenance, from planting, to weeding and lawn care. But, with a lot of hard work and time, it is rewarding because the perfect pretty garden is a pleasure to sit in and relax. Installing a pond or water feature adds that extra decorative feature that is lovely to sit by and watch. However, these are high maintenance and need special care and attention.

lawn care
When contemplating what garden style you want to implement, simply spend some time thinking which one is most suitable for you. It all depends on how much time you want to put into it. But, doing any form of gardening will certainly make you healthier and happier and be rewarding too!

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