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Five Ways to Keep Your Flower Garden in Pimlico Looking Beautiful
17Jul 2015

Tips For Beautiful Flower Garden in Pimlico

flower gardening

A flower garden in Pimlico is a delight for eyes. Beautiful flowers, vibrant colour combinations and fresh look make a garden an absolute paradise. And what does it take to ensure proper care of flowers in the garden? Some dedicated effort and a bit of knowledge on growing flowers. Listed below are a few useful tips, which will help you in taking care of your flowers so that they enhance the beauty of your garden.


• Let the sun shine - Sufficient sunlight is a must so that your flowers bloom to their full glory. First of all study the design of your garden in SW1 and the source of sunlight. If rays of sun are not reaching your plants then alter the layout of your garden and ensure that the flowers receive maximum sunlight. The rays of sun are the lifeline of plants and important processes like photosynthesis occur when there is ample sunlight. Hence, if you want the flowers to bloom day after day, then provide them with adequate sunlight.


• Deadhead - Flowers have a particular lifespan and once they complete this lifespan they eventually die. These dead flowers continue to hang on the stems of the plants. Deadheading is the process of removing these dead parts. There are various methods of deadheading. The simplest way is to use scissors and cut the flower from the stem. Deadheading is highly beneficial and therefore it is recommended that gardeners make deadheading a part of their daily gardening. Dead flowers lose their beauty and look ugly so removing these brings a fresh and beautiful look to your garden. Also, the dead flowers contain seeds which spread everywhere in your garden and after some time there are unwanted plants growing from these seeds. Therefore, deadheading regularly is necessary.

flower garden maintenance

• Use the bugs - Almost everyone in Pimlico, W1 hates the unwanted guests like insects and pests which frequently visit your flower garden. Don’t get rid of these bugs because most of these insects are beneficial for the health of your flowers. Pollinators like bees, butterflies and beetles help in fertilizing the plant. These insects transfer pollen from one flower to another and thus help in pollination.  Insects like dragonflies are actually a boon for gardening as these eliminate the threat of harmful pests like aphids by killing them. Aphids are known to cause heavy damage to flowers and hence it is actually a good idea to have dragonflies in your garden. So, taking care of these useful bugs is actually as good as taking care of your flowers.

watering flowers

• Correct watering method - Having a correct and systematic watering method is a critical aspect of taking care of your plants in Pimlico. Gardeners are advised to follow a certain and consistent watering plan which ensures regular watering for all the plants. You can select a watering plan after taking help from a gardening professional. At the same time, many garden experts advise that plants should be watered near their base and overhead watering should be avoided as much as possible because it can make the leaves and flowers wet and wet leaves are vulnerable to foliar diseases like fungal problems.

disease protection

• Protect your flowers from diseases - Disease control is an important aspect of garden maintenance in the SW1 area. Keep a close eye on the health of your flowers and track even the smallest of changes. If there is an outbreak of a disease, treat it as soon as possible and be ready to use a pesticide or any other disease control method. Treating the disease early is easy and effective compared to battling it in its later stages.

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