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Choosing the Best Shrubs for Your Garden
15 October 2020

How to Choose Shrubs For Your Garden

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If you found yourself felling just like certain knights in a certain Monty Python and the Holy Grail sketch and all you can think about is how you “want a shrubbery!”, then there are various options to go to. Shrubs will definitely fill your garden much ampler than single flowers, and they could definitely give your garden a much livelier feel. They might take a bit more maintenance, but what is a little more time spent in garden maintenance when you are tending to something as beautiful as the following flowers. Also, while you have to constantly plant the flowers, the shrubs will last you for multiple seasons and will give your garden a different flavour for every month. Here are some of the best choices for shrubs you could obtain for your garden.

 Kelsae Gold

•    Kelsae Gold (Cornus stolonifera)
This little shrub is perfect for the front of a flower bed, it will give your summer garden bright green, bordering on yellow foliage during the summer which will colour in red during the autumn. You can exercise some good amount of pruning during spring in order to get it growing more and make it richer in leaves.

Fothergilla gardenii

•    Blue Mist (Fothergilla gardenii)
This curious shrub that has nothing to do with its name is perfect if you want your garden to reek of autumn. It will bring autumn’s colours in each and every one of its leaves, with a bit of blue-ish tint which is probably where it gets its name from. It will grow marvellously with water-retentive soil, and you don’t have to worry about it flooding your garden, as it is not that big of a shrub and will leave room for more types, if you want any.


•    Argenteovariegata (Rhamnus alaternus)
This tall and marvellous plant will fill your garden with green, yellow, and white colours, all in one leaf. It is easily shaped with proper pruning, and it grows quick. And the best part – it is evergreen, and therefore it will provide your garden with greenness throughout the year. During the summer it might also give out some small edible berries, but not in any satisfactory amount, unless you start planting more and more of them.

Nanum Semperflorens

•    Nanum Semperflorens (Viburnum plic)
You would absolutely love to have this shrub in your garden. It is a slow grower, but after a few years it could very well reach up to 2 meters of height. But even before reaching that size, it will still bless your garden and make it look like a part of Eden with its bright white flowers. It does not need any special conditions for growing, and by the end of May or the beginning of June, you will be presented with a glorious view just like anyone who will have visual access to your garden. The flowers on the shrub are followed with a red fruit that might not be to everybody’s taste, but that is the least important part of the glorious plant.

Abelia Edward Gaucher

•    Abelia “Edward Gaucher”
Going from glorious and beautiful to small and extremely cute flowers, this shrub of various sizes, depending on your preference and hedging and trimming abilities, will give you amazing tiny pinkish flowers that will immediately colour up your garden. The Abelia is great for anybody who prefers the aesthetics of a garden to rely on pretty and cute young growth.

Have any of these shrubs in your garden and you will be able to instantly summon the envy of any onlookers. Their maintaining requires more than simple garden tidy ups, but once your landscaping begins, you will feel proud with the results the moment the flowers start blooming.

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