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Caring For Your Garden In Enfield In Winter
24Feb 2015

Helpful Tips For Caring For Your Garden In Enfield In Winter

winter gardening

The freezing temperatures that come with the winter months in Enfield can really damage your garden, plants, flowers and vegetables, and many won’t survive the cold weather without a little tender loving care. As the temperature drops, many of your plants and flowers will die if they don’t have the proper help that they need, but luckily there are some easy ways for you to prepare your garden for the winter months. If you want to ensure that your garden is in shape for the season just have a look at the following helpful tips and advice!

dealing with snow

1)    Dealing with snowfall in your garden.
Snowfall in your garden in Enfield, EN1 doesn’t necessarily mean that your plants and flowers will die. Despite the cold temperature, snow can actually work in the same way as mulch, protecting your plants and keeping them safe and secure. If you have evergreens in your garden however, make sure that the branches don’t break under the weight of fallen snow by knocking the snow clear. If you notice that any of your branches are bowing under the weight, don’t try to free them, as this can cause them to break more quickly. Instead simply leave the snow to melt naturally.

tree care

2)    Preparing trees for cold weather.
If you have small trees or trees that have yet to fully form in your garden in the EN2 district then it’s important that you keep them safe during the colder months. Invest in wire or tree-protecting products that can be placed around your small trees to keep pests at bay, and make sure to protect your evergreen trees with fabric screens. These will serve to stop harsh winds from damaging your evergreens.

vegetable gardening

3)    Preparing your vegetable patch for winter.
Vegetables can be difficult to grow, and you don’t want to see them die over the winter. though be sure to remove this if heavy snow falls, as they can suffocate under the weight. Try to harvest as many of your vegetables as you can before the cold weather hits, though be aware that root crops such as carrots can easily survive in winter.

garden care

4)    Your perennials in winter.
After a frost, have a look at your perennials and trim the dry stems back to soil level. This will neaten up the appearance of your garden in the EN1 region, whilst also getting rid of any pests or bacteria that might linger here. Your dead plant and flower debris can be used to make a fantastic organic fertiliser for your garden, so make sure you’re not throwing any useful bits away. Some of your debris may be questionable and unsafe for use as compost or fertiliser, so check carefully to ensure it’s going to be of use.

gardening experts

5)    Hiring the experts.
If you have qualms about preparing your garden for the winter, or if you just want a little time-saving help then it’s a good idea to speak to your local gardening experts in Enfield. There should be many gardening professionals in your area who can help you with winter gardening services, so ask your friends and family for company recommendations. Finding your ideal winter gardening service can save you a lot of stress and worry, and professional gardening care service will ensure that you’re getting the best for your garden. Gardening in winter can be tough, but you can always get help from the experts should you need it!

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