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7 Plants With Nicknames That Will Make You Laugh
15 October 2020

Funny Plant Names That Will Make You Laugh

funny plant nicknames

Apart from being used in various decorations, many flowers have their place in the humorous side of the house. Some plants have many names and some of those names are only too hilarious because of what they denote and, even better, what they connote. You can sit and study the etymology of the original name all you want, but some plants are merely named based on what they represent rather than what their floral origin is. And the latter comes at the price of excellent humour and a laugh or two that will brighten up you day when you share the name with somebody else. So take a break from grass cutting and trimming, and see what titles some plants carry.

Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Originally called Sansevieria, this potted flower presents a concession of long green leaves which somewhat resemble a tongue. A sharp tongue. Really sounds like your mother-in-law’s sharp and maybe poisonous (depending on what kind of relationship you have) tongue that manages to appear every time you screw up around her, right?

growing mother-in-law's tongue

Mother-in-Law's Cushion

How lovable is your mother-in-law? Come on, she won’t know, just say it – is she about as lovable as the Echinocactus grusonii? This cactus maybe summarises how she feels about you as well. So do be careful with the holiday gatherings and the family hugs! Maybe it’s better to stick to lawn mowing.

echinocactus grusonii planting

Hens and Chicks

This one is hilarious on many levels. They look like multi-layered open mouthed Alien eggs, but they are based on Earth egg products. The big green ones are the hens because of their matronly size, and the smaller ones are cute chicks. How does weed control sound to you now? Be careful not to mistake them for problematic plants!

hens and chicks garden care


The yarrow has many applications. Apart from being excellent perennials which you can decorate your house with, it was also once used as an ingredient for sneezing powder. Don’t believe it? Well, next time you are doing reliable gardening take some, powder them and see what happens when you toss them in a friend’s face. That will teach them to make fun of your expert gardening skills.

sneezewort blossoms

Kiss Me over the Garden Gate

Persicaria orientalis are small and cute flowers that look like Aunt Petunia when eaves-dropping on her neighbours, or why not an eager romantic craning his neck to kiss his maiden over the gate. They have the colour and the tenderness, but boy is that name long!

Kiss Me over the Garden Gate

'Honey Dijon' Rose

Experienced and reliable gardeners will know this flower because of its other name, connected to babies and bottom products. It has the colour to make sense, but you don’t want to focus on that – just be thankful for the change.

growing Honey Dijon roses

Kangaroo Paws

Nobody knows why it’s specifically a ‘kangaroo’ paw, but the flower does indeed look like a paw. Long yellow bits looking like chubby clawed fingers and shaped like something is trying to cup the air. It does indeed look interesting and it is an exotic specimen that you can visually have a laugh with.

plant kangaroo paws

These flowers will bring a smile to your face when learning their names. What will make you laugh even harder is gifting a relative with the appropriate flower when there is a family gathering. No need to share the name – let them get an introductory course in garden services and find it out for themselves. Meanwhile, you can keep collecting funny plants names and adding them to your collection. You never know when you can turn gardening into a pleasant way to joke with your friends. Grass cutting and trimming suddenly got way more interesting with specimen like these, right?

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