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7 House Plants You Can Grow Even in the Darkest Rooms
14 October 2020

7 Houseplants That Can Survive Low Light

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It’s not a big surprise that most plants thrive best in bright rooms, gently kissed by the sunlight. There are certain rooms in each home, however, where most homeowners prefer to feel as comfortable as possible by keeping the light low. For example, think of your bedroom. Keeping the light there lower is a way of turning this room into a cosier place for seeking relax and peace. Most passionate gardeners may be worried that they won’t be able to decorate these rooms with their favourite flowers as they won’t grow well there. However, there are certain type of plants who can grow even in the darkest rooms without losing their freshness and beauty. Here is a list of 7 of them. All of these plants are very easy to grow and don’t require any special garden maintenance.

1.    Dracaena

The first plant that thrives in low-light conditions is the dracaena. It can grow really well with much less attention and garden care than the other plants. It can survive without water for about 2 weeks which makes it much preferred by gardening experts who don’t have enough time to water their plants regularly. It comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

dracaena garden care
2.    Snake plant

The snake plant is also an excellent choice for planting. It is also pretty easy when it comes to maintenance. The snake plant is not only easy to grow, but it is also classified as one of the best air filtering plants which make it a perfect option for every room. You need to water it when it is dry (once every two or three weeks).

planting snake plants
3.    Peace lily

The peace lily is one of the most beautiful and elegant plants on this list. It doesn’t grow very well in completely dark spots, though. There should be a little light (low to medium). One thing you have to keep in mind when planting a peace lily is that it is a water lover. You need to water it at least once a week, if you want it to bloom.

growing a peace lily
4.    ZZ plant

Another indoor plant which is perfect for low-light conditions is the ZZ plant. It tolerates dark rooms and requires very little garden maintenance. You can even place it in an office or shop and it will do just fine. It doesn’t require frequent watering as it needs almost no water to thrive.

ZZ plant care
5.    Parlour palm

The parlour palm is one of the most versatile plants that you can choose to grow. It looks both elegant and very charming. It is not suitable for extremely dark spots, however. Make sure the light is low or medium.

parlour palm
6.    Pothos

One plant that is almost impossible to kill is the pothos. It can adjust to any area. You can grow it in a hanging basket and turn it into a great decoration for any of your rooms. The only garden care this plant needs is watering once a week and trimming when it starts to get leggy.

pothos planting
7.    Spider plant

This plant is also very popular with home gardeners who have darker rooms as it doesn’t need a lot of direct light and can also stand up to a lot of neglect. It is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to pay special attention to their plants.

growing spider plants
As you can see there are plants that can survive almost anything – from lack of sunlight to a complete neglect for a week or two. You don’t need to be a gardening professional to have a beautiful display of colourful flowers at your home. You just need to choose the right plants that are easy to grow and will thrive in even the darkest spots.

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